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Leiking, the first art & whisky product released by Artsy Drinks in collaboration with Taiwanese artist Alei and Highland Park Scotch whisky. A limited edition for exclusive private collectors only. Project Director: Jason Chi

RSG Taipei

2021 Regional Scrum Gathering Taipei brand building services with brand strategy, brand design, product design, package design, online and offline marketing integration.

KingCar Paul Chiang Artist Series Limite

Kavalan, the pioneering force behind Taiwanese whisky, has launched its "Kavalan Artists Series," a new range of expressions that aims to highlight the fine art of whisky. Project Director: Jason Chi

KingCar Artist Series Limited Edition Si

The single-cask, cask-strength whiskies -- Puncheon, Virgin Oak, French Wine Cask, and Peated Malt -- are inspired by the four elements, Ocean, Air, Sunlight, and Mother Earth, each of which plays an essential role in the creation of Kavalan whisky. Project Director: Jason Chi

Yorai Moon Package

Yorai 5 & Meigetsudo are delighted to present a special collaboration: Yorai Moon package! Design frame works based on painting produced by contemporary artist Jason Chi.


Stephanie Dance Shoes Marketing and Web Design.


CUBExUS is a program and product company specifically design for children's learning interest in computer programming.

COOLER MASTER Visual Identity

Cooler Master, a global gaming industry leader introduced Maker's requirment for the individual seeking self-exploration in the possibility of gaming components.

Silicon Power Visual Idenity
Silicon Power Visual Identity

Corporate website design for the year 2011-2015. This site was the renew brand image featured over 15 languages, along with a shopping cart service, product, and finical report for stock share holders.

Silicon Power Visual Identity

Image poster design for events and corporate image.

Tradebooth Design

The poster was created to enroll Kulon show for a hand tool company in Taiwan. A timeless boundary for this 2004 poster design.


BenQ hospital Visual Identity was established in 2010 for the greater China market. An honorable experience in corporation with TEBA chairman台灣精品品牌協會理事長 and VP of BenQ, Jerry Wang.


The first-ever product catalog for Compal Electronic Company was designed in the year 2010. This catalog layout has the exceptional usage from 2010 to 2016.


Laptop A side design proposal for a fruit company based at Cupertino on 2010.


Ceiling light design ahead of it's time for 10 years, a prime example for "Think outside of the box".


2010 product design.


2010 Reading Light Stand Design.


2010 Light Stand Design.


Expert in electronic product label and package design with corporate service experiences in global brands.


Trend research is often important for visual essence. This product trend research of 2010 was the future guild line and inspiration for product design teams at Compal Electronic.

CUBExUS Product & Package design

Proposal for Tigerair in contents of UX, front end UI and web design.


Silicon Power decided to go for movie style film on 2013 Computex.


Product video for kid's electronic and programming product.


Hartford Motorcycle services include product color analysis and pattern design for its pioneer launch to the scooter market.

Bicycle Decals Design

More than 12 years of bicycle decals design for Europe, North and South American market.

Quaadlife Catalogue

Quaadlife Bicycle.

Acor bicycle Catalog

Acor 2005/2006 Catalog

David's Formula Visual Design

David's Formula is one of the well know ODM Manufacture in Taiwan and we have the pledge to design their first consumer brand in services of brand image and catalog.

Brand Identity_Rayonnant

48 Hours Movie Event visual design.


Our 20 years of professional expertise was executed in the following brands and demonstrated in the domestic and international market.


is a design company specializing in corporate brand, product marketing, commercial design, and product design.

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Wechat: andrew2554

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